The mind part 2

you dont feel the pain
you sit
and the worst 
takes place 
up in your mind.
you may have been 
blessed with a loving family
with friends that care.
but you were given a load
for you to carry
one that has to be
dropped along the road

you've reached
the drop off zone.
yet you still carry 
the load.
it has become
part of you.
people try 
to help you
but you see
them as a threat.
so you push them away.

you have become weary and weak
you collapse
on the floor
you body has given up.
you mind cant work
over a body that has given up.

years pass,
you have recovered. 
you stay weary
scared you will
be caught and caged
by your mind.
you stay away
from your old ways
and old towns
with triggers.
your new life has began.

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