I’m sorry for the life
You live.
The lonely one
Not the “excited one”. 
The things you do
Just to blur
Reality away
I applaud you.
For you get up
Knowing it’s another
Lonely day.
Looking next to you
Your one nighter.
It’s a shame
And I’m sorry

Were you born accidently?
Because you live
Like you don’t have
A plan.
This is a topic
I find  hard for me
To speak about
‘Cause the right words
Seems hard to come out.
It’s a pity
Many people out there
Living a life
They don’t want to.
Only because their parents
Were once care-free
Or should I say careless?.
Is that why abortion
Is on the rise?
Should I go down
That path?
Abortion in my eyes
Is a safety net.
You know deep down
You can’t give
What you don’t have
You know deep down
It was a mistake.
Sometimes we are faced
With the result of our
Thought thoroughly or not.

It’s a shame
And I’m sorry
The happiness you sprout
Is a cry for help
Help that I can’t give.
Where would I start from?
Knowing your story
Won’t help you.
So why ask a question
You don’t know the solution to?
I don’t like been nosy.
So I do the only
Thing I can do
May God help you
And other lonely people
Living the same lives
As you.

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