Help Me

Help me to shake it
or take it away.
This gloomy feeling,
the emptiness I feel
unmotivated to continue
this journey I am on.
I was doing fine
driving myself in the direction
that I want to go.

So someone just help me
I don’t need you to stick around
I just want this feeling to go.
I was once heartless
using my heart less
made everything around
me much easier.
but some how
I dropped and
started using my heart more.
my motivation has sunk
laying in bed not wanting
to get up.

do I need a partner?
is that what this is?
looking around
no one worthy
of me pouring my
heart to them.
so help me
shine a light.
the darkness is
slowly crawling in.

I talk to the LORD
but I feel im not
praying properly.

Am I not patient enough?
is that what this is all about?

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