Tell Me

if only someone could tell me
what to do
where to go
how to feel and
how to speak
cause this is feeling
a little all too much.

I turn my head to the right
no shoulder to lean on
to my left
I see family members
all too busy with their own desires
what happens to looking after
each other?

can someone please tell me
where did the Love go?
the absent of money has
stolen the hearts of loved ones
those who were once hopeful
are now very bitter.
please tell me
when will this trail be over
cause I cant go on
like this forever
hoping that things will all
sort itself out.

I look all around me
surrounded with people
with heads in the clouds.
I stopped feeling anymore.
but once in a while I start to
feel the emptiness inside of me.
tell me when.
cause I cant hold it
together for much longer.

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