I Believe

I’m not feeling great

I just don’t know

what to do anymore.

trying not to get into vices

I hear that it helps

but what if I get

too attached to my vices

wont that make me an addict?

I don’t like the idea

of running.


I like to face my challenges

head on

even though

they leave me

feeling useless and unworthy.

I believe I can make it.

I believe i will survive.

I just need to take some time out

breath new air

feel like the whole world is

not all on my shoulders

but I cant. Why?

im a student.

a student with responsibilities.

that’s my excuse.

coming from not a very typical family.

too many dramas

that I just want to bury my head

under the sand.


I want the happy times to come

but I guess

the absence of money

really does bring out

the true colours.

the presence of money

either covers it

or magnifies it.

Either way I still believe.

i can make it on my own.

the absence of a partner

just makes things harder

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