Girls like you

Girls like you would see the sun
Bring their phones out
And pose for a pic.
Showing people
The colour of your eyes
When the sun hits it.
Girls like you look pretty
Just to tease the guys
Making all head turns
But you decline all their requests.

I call girls like u savage
Looking for attention
Your ego glows
And every comment made
On your appearance.
You think and feel big
You get given your own
The moment you fall in
Love with the “perfect guy”.
How does it feel to
Taste your own medicine?
Doesn’t taste nice right?

Hoping you’ll learn
Hoping you’ll change
You become much worse
Like a mean bitch
Crying and shouting
At everyone around u.
You become worse.
I see you from a descent
You take the lesson but
Consume it in a bad manner.
You are all out for men.
Bitter as you are.
You push and hate everyone
Including yourself.

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