I am living a life

that only has tunnel vision.

I avoid the things that

other want.

So I don’t get trapped

in all those honey.

Mr cupid may have tried, once.

I can’t lie.

I enjoy the feeling

but I pull out

before it goes any further.


We laugh, we smile

they see two young couples

in love.

But it cant be that way.

I don’t deserve this,

Not now.

Having no one around me

but my family

that understands.

I can’t give it a try.

I don’t want my vision

to become blurry.

You got a tunnel vision.

Make the sacrifices now

so you will have a feast tomorrow.


You ain’t the only one

working this hard.

Lift your head, look around

turn off that vision of yours

and look.

That is where the problem lies,

thinking you are in this alone.


Don’t jump in the pool of love.

not now.

You just got back on your two feet.

You wanna fall back again?

why punish yourself ?

treat yourself.

Your future self

will thank you

I promise.




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