why do I feel the way I feel
I thought taking a step back
would help me deal
with how I feel.
laying down
watching series and sleeping. 
feeling empty,
anything to push the tears about 
to fall out.
when is it all going to change?
when am I going to be satisfied?
when will I  no longer count on people
to hit me up?
when will I change for me?

Im feeling empty
and have nothing
but alchol and red bull
to fill me up.
im feeling empty 
so I turn to the Lord
please hear me out.
im feeling nothing.
I feel numb
cause I think too much.

people out there 
going through much worse,
I choose to relax
but I'm very idle.
time to change things up.
but got no resources
to do so.
been working
but the money leaks out my hand.
I have become a donor
to a project I did not sign up to.
no feedbacks
just question.

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