It’s time.

Should I throw the towel in?
I told myself I won’t quit.
Was going to hang in there.
Working 7 days a week,
Is nothing like it sounds.
My mentality is been tested.
For I haven’t rested.
I sleep.
but it’s never enough.
You rest but you still
Gotta get up
For the next day.
I need a holiday.
Let this cycle break.

I ain’t the only one in this.
There are more experienced players
I guess I’m just trying
to show my worth.
But at what cost?
It stopped being about
The money long ago.
Stayed just to get more
Learn new things.
Humility was my aim.
But I’ve lost sight of it all
The days seem to drag
Cant seem to feel
Or care anymore
Turned into some sort of machine.

Machine or not
Everything has its end point
I don’t seem to know mine.
Been surviving for so long
I forget I’m human.

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