Speak out

Stand at attention!
Stand at ease!
The only time I’m at ease,
Is when I’m asleep.
But even then,
You’ve got to keep,
One eye open,
For anything happening.
Never let your guard down,
I was told.
Can’t sleep in peace.
Can’t eat in peace.
I’m surrounded by kids.
Like a robot.
I do as I’m told.
Forgetting I have a voice.
Forgetting I have a choice.

Being  suppressed,
Way too long.
It’s time.
Wait, not yet.
Let me wait a little bit more.
Who am I kidding?
I can’t back down.
At least not yet.
I got this.
It ain’t all that bad
Is it?
Taking a look back.
How far have I come?
How am I doing?
I do not know.

I wake up.
And get going.
Life doesn’t stop for anyone.
That’s the  reality
Even for the dead.

Recently I haven’t been
doing well.
That’s my honesty.
The adult life sucks.
No breathing time.
So tell the kids,
To slow down.
Tell them to
Have all the fun
They can have
Don’t let them
Grow too quick.
Let them have their crushes
Let them have their different tooth brushes.
Let them have any thing
Because life will burst
Their bubble sooner or later

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