A way

I have found a way,
to live my life.
To follow my heart,
To the right path.
For I am old enough.
To know good from bad,
And sad from happy.
The adult life is very busy.
How do we make it work?
I know by his power.
He stands with me.
He holds me when I’m weak.
You feel him.
If you know love,
Then you know God.
I have had bad days.
Made by no one else,
But me.
It’s All about your mentality.

Took a moment to,
Look around.
Ain’t no body,
Spoiling my mood but me.
So I ask myself why?
Why do you let,
Yourself down?
Time to reflect.
Time to count,
Your blessings.
Your bad days are over.
Why create more?
You don’t like being happy?
Look at yourself in the mirror
And talk to her.

I have found a way,
To live my life.
To follow my heart.
To do what,
pleases me.
No need to take others advice,
Just listen to it.
Take it or leave it.
I will not be confined by words.
You are here to guide me.
Not to imprison me,
With your words.
The door has always being opened.
I can see that now.
Mentally trapped.
With the doors opened

How long?
How long has it been?
I guess it’s time to come out
It’s time to be set free.
And do as I please.

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