Venom in my veins

Venom in my veins.
It’s driving me insane.
Been silent for some time,
They forgot I could speak.
You think of me the foul.
Let’s see how that’s true.
Telling stories of my failures,
Making you feel superior.
Don’t play games,
You won’t win.
You tell me when I’m wrong.
I suck it in.
Still a student,
I’m Anything but arrogant.
I know my role.
Do you know yours.
What I feel,
Isn’t hatred,
But frustration.

Frustrated of your situation.
You stare at your cards.
You complain.
you don’t have cards to play,
Like a baby you moan.
He gives you cards.
You miscalculated,
Your moves,
You sulk,
Man this hurts.
My heart burns.
I bite my tongue.
I keep my mouth shut.
It’s not time for me to play.
Patience.. Patience,
Just keep patient.
Wait your turn.
There’s venom in my veins
It’s driving me insane.

Try and play games with me,
I will make you see,
Who the real gamer is.
You’ve tried so many times,
To make me fall,
Into your trap.
You don’t like a challenge.
You don’t like to fail.
That’s fine.
I’ve passed many worse trails.
I am more experienced,
That you could ever think.
Self control.
Self discipline.
Man I have blessed.
For he walks in front of me.
Divert your attack somewhere else,
Who lost?
For sure it ain’t me.
I’m still standing yh yh yhhh

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