You laugh.
You tease.
Me the fool,
Will laugh and
Go along with it.
But it hurts.
And I don’t like it.

A victim of a life,
I can’t live.
A life that is not mine.
My life has a different road.
There are distractions,
That come along.
I enjoy them.
Living in the moment,
But I must not let it
Drag me down.
The force is strong.
But my zeal is stronger.
The movie is over.
But you bring it up.
The adverts are still up.
I look but don’t stare.
It’s gone.
The moment is gone.
Let bygones be bygones.
So they say.
It’s not for me.
I know my place.

You poke the bear,
And I don’t like it.
You show it,
The life it can’t have.
You don’t see its feelings
It doesn’t like it.
Sorry doesn’t help.
What are you sorry for?
Is the question I ask constantly.
It is what it is.
Leave it and move on.
You gotta do what’s
Needed to have fun right?
We were all raised differently.
So do respect my feelings.
As I respect yours.

It happened
My heart spoke.
A quick remainder,
That I’m still human,
No matter the front I put.
It’s hard living my life.
I bet life in general,
Is hard for everyone.
We have all been,
given a meal to eat.
Some can’t finish it,
So they quit.
Others play around with their dish.
The rest well…
They try to make,
The most out of what,
Is on their plate.
I’m glad it happened.
But I don’t pounder
Upon it.
It was a reminder.
Of what? you may ask
Well. that part is for me.
There is a chapter everyone,
Doesn’t read out loud.
This is mine.


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