At peace


The inner me is about to blow,
Keeping it together,
Really is hard.
How do they do it?
How should I do it?
Speak out and voice your thoughts,
It won’t hurt,
Let me give it a try.
Describing the pain,
With words I don’t have.
I am bored of myself,
I am bored with this life
Let’s play mind games.

Do they feel my words?
Playing at your heart strings?
Watch them flatter their eyes.
Yet I smile
How predictable.
What’s next?
Silence. My best friend.
I shut my mind,
No thoughts,
No words.
I look up at the humans,
I am surrounded by,
Please see right through me.
Tell me there is more to this.
This journey has drowned me,
With the years going past,
I start to lose tiny bits of me.
It’s the result of maturity,
I tell myself,

I don’t smile no more.
Happiness isn’t through your smile.
What is a smile?
I think and think,
The showing of your teeth?
No! that’s not it.
You can’t show true happiness.
It flows from within,
It runs in your blood.
Happiness is felt.
I am no longer happy,
I amway past that.
The word is content.
I am at peace with myself.
No longer at war with myself.
I will leave it at that.

One comment

  1. I love this line:
    “You can’t show true happiness.
    It flows from within,
    It runs in your blood.”

    Very true. When I read that I was truly inspired. Kudos to you on your writing endeavors.


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